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South Branch Clyde river **

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  • Grade: 3+
  • Level: 30 cumecs is a good level
  • Gauge: Online
  • Length: 7.3 km
  • Gradient: 6.8 m/km
  • Time: 2-3 hours
  • Put In: Folger road
  • Take Out: K&P trail
  • Shuttle: 6.5 km
  • Character: Narrow creek through the forest

This creek really feels like out in the wilderness! You will probably be running this with snow on the ground, and unlikely to meet anyone else up here.

After the first small drop, there is lots of interest, and probably a few trees across the creek, so be on your game and scout if you are unsure.

Ian Thomson on the Upper Clyde
Typical Upper Clyde rapid

None of the rapids stand out as significantly harder than the rest, and there is road access at a few points down the section if you want to have a shorter trip.

To get to the take out; Head West through Almonte from exit 155 on highway 417. This will take you on to Wolf Grove road, and the bridge over the lower Clyde. At the T-intersection, turn right (North), and then after about 6 km, turn left onto French line. This turns into Lavant Darling road. At the settlement of Joes Lake, turn right onto Flower station road, and then left, on Clyde Forks road. Continue through Clyde Forks, and at the T-intersection turn left. You are now on the K&P trail, an old rail line that used to run from Kingston to Renfrew. In about 1 km, the river comes close to the trail again.

To get to the put in; Continue on the K&P trail for about 5 km, crossing the river a couple more times until the ghost town of Folger is reached. Take a sharp right turn onto Folger road and stop at a small pool in the river on the left. This is Sunday creek, and meets the South Branch of the Clyde after about 300 m.