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Rouge river, Seuil Elizabeth **

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  • Grade: 3-4,P
  • Level: Above about 15 cumecs- usually runs all through the summer
  • Gauge: Online and at Quebec Whitewater
  • Length: 7.7 km
  • Gradient: 7 m/km
  • Time: 2-3 hours
  • Put In: Anywhere convenient on Chemin de la Riverie Rouge
  • Take Out: At the Highway 148 bridge
  • Shuttle: 8.6 km
  • Character: Popular kayaking and rafting run - pool drop
  • References: Quebec Whitewater

Justifiably popular, this is a short, fun run and a good place to see some raft carnage in the springtime. There are two possible take out points. The upper one at New World rafting avoids the portage around the 7 Sisters, but involves a fairly long carry up the hill. Head in to New World to ask about using their access. Alternatively, take the 500 m portage (that you really don't want to miss!) and continue down to the bridge where the Rouge joins the Ottawa river. The usual take out is on the left just upstream of the bridge, but there are several other options.

Petawawa raft team A running Elizabeth Seuil
Rafting Elizabeth Seuil

There are a few easy rapids and some flat, before the rapid that gives this section its name, Elizabeth Seuil. A fairly straightforward drop itself, it is the boils and eddyline below that sometimes cause trouble. Around a few more corners the river enters a long, continuous section with some big waves, and moves to make. Near the right shore after the left hand bend is a feature called the Washing Machine. Try to guess what it might look like as you drift into it.... It is avoidable to the left in everything but really low flow.

This is the last of the difficulties before the portage, and easy rapids follow down to the New World rafting take out. This is a large sandy beach on the left. The river takes a turn to the left after this, and very soon heads into the 7 Sisters waterfalls. These are portaged on the right - get out as soon as the river starts to bend. There is a good track - steep in places, that bypasses the falls. The last drop of the 7 Sisters is under the bridge, and is usually runnable but worth a look.

To get to the take out; Come off Autoroute 50 at exit 233, and turn south on Chemin Kilmar. At the T-intersection, turn right onto QC-148. The take out is at the big obvious bridge over the Rouge.

To get to the put in; Head back the way you came, and stay on Chemin Kilmar for 4km. Turn left onto Chemin de la Riverie Rouge. The river will appear on your left shortly. Park anywhere convenient - there is a good spot a few hundred metres past Propulsion Rafting.