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Raisin river, Lower *

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  • Grade: 2-
  • Level: Spring flows only! 7 cumecs is passable with care, any lower and there may be some walking
  • Gauge: Online
  • Length: 13.1 km
  • Time: 2-4 hours
  • Put In: Martintown, on the left above the dam, or below
  • Take Out: In Williamstown, on the left immediately after a small rapid below the bridge
  • Shuttle: 11 km
  • Character: Meandering tour with some small easy rapids
  • References: Raisin River Canoe Race

The lower Raisin river, along with the upper section, is the venue for the annual Raisin River Canoe Race, scene of much Coleman canoe carnage. The biggest challenge on this section is the dam chute at the put in and the following rapid. This is usually run in the annual race, and is on the right. It can easily be avoided by getting in below. There are a few small rapids, but most of this section is flat.

To get to the take out; Take county road 18 east for 4.5 km then turn right on county road 27. Turn left onto county road 17, and this leads to Williamstown. Go through the crossroads in the centre of town, and you should see the river to your right. At a sharp left turn, a track leads down to the river.

To get to the put in; From highway 417, head south at exit 58 on the 138, signposted St Andrews. Turn left on county road 43, then right on county road 20 to Martintown. The river and dam should be visible on the right. If you are not going to run the dam, then take a right on county road 18, then immediately left on River road. This meets the river at several places.