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Clyde river ***

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  • Grade: 2(3)(P)
  • Level: Only runs in the spring and early summer - a bit rocky below 12 cumecs
  • Gauge: Online
  • Length: 10.9 km
  • Time: 2-4 hours
  • Put In: Bridge on route 511
  • Take Out: Bridge on Wolf Grove road
  • Shuttle: 8.5 km
  • Character: Long, easy gradient rapids in some beautiful scenery
  • References: Canadian Canoe Routes

This gem of a river is far enough into Lanark county to feel remote, but not so far that getting there is a hassle. A moderate springtime paddle in a truly gorgeous setting. Get in at the bridge, the first rapid is just around the corner and is indicative of most of the rest of the run. Very soon you are away from civilisation, with meandering flats and some great fun easy gradient rapids.

There might be a portage around a low bridge if the water is really high, and there is one rapid that may be a little harder than the rest. This is in the second half of the run, a while after passing through the town of Cedardale. There is a long, fairly straight rapid that ends in a large flat pool with a right-hand bend. Just around this bend is the hardest rapid, with a few large rocks at the bottom. These will be submerged and form a couple of large holes in high flows. the easiest line may be right, left, or down the middle depending upon the flow. Once past these, there is little to worry about until the take out. Stop on the left bank just upstream of the bridge.

There is very limited space to park at the put in and take out, so share vehicles, and keep your groups small. You are unlikely to meet other paddlers here.

To get to the take out; Head West through Almonte from exit 155 on highway 417. This will take you on to Wolf Grove road, and the bridge over the Clyde. If you get to a T-intersection, you have gone a little too far. There is a water supply point for the fire brigade just upstream of the bridge - make sure that you don't park there!

To get to the put in; Continue West from the take out, and turn right at the T-intersection with route 511. The put in is on a sweeping right hand bend, and the bridge over the Clyde.