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Beaver creek **

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  • Grade: 3+
  • Level: Spring flows only; this gets a bit boney below 20 cumecs
  • Gauge: Online
  • Length: 8.5 km
  • Time: 2-3 hours
  • Put In: Hydro lines on Shanick road
  • Take Out: Bridge on Beaver Creek road, or carry on down to Fidlars glen road
  • Shuttle: 7.4 km
  • Character: Moderate grade springtime creek run
  • References: MACKfest

Beaver creek is one of the classic MACKfest rivers, it only runs in the springtime but usually has a slightly longer season than other rivers in the area. There are a lot of easy chutes, with a few harder rapids spread through the run. None of the rapids become show-stoppers in high water, but the bridges at Bridge drop and the take out become too low and need portaging. A flow of 40 cumecs presents no problems.

The first significant rapid is Double drop, which both go in the centre. Below this rapid, there is a low point on the left bank which might have a small amount of flow going through, depending on water levels. Portage or paddle through the short-cut to eliminate a few km of flat. The next stretch of river contains a few places where the river splits around islands. Stick with the main flow, and take the left channel if both channels are about the same flow. Bridge drop is, by coincidence, under the bridge that comes into view a while later. Portage and inspect on the left. The railings on the bridge are not very secure, so don't lean on them! There is one more significant rapid, Ugly, which traps some wood occasionally. There is a pourover hole on the borrom right at some levels.

To get to the take out; In Marmora, turn North on Forsyth street. This is at the first set of lights East of the Crowe river bridge, in the centre of town. Take the next left (Madoc street), then right (Main street). This soon turns into Cordova road. A short distance out of town, turn right onto Centre Line road. After about 6km, turn left onto Beaver Creek road, and 2 km down this road is the bridge over the river. There is the option to continue paddling a few more km downstream to get to Fidlar's rapids, a 500 m stretch of grade 3- fun. The take out for this is down Fidlar Glen road, off Beaver Creek road.

To get to the put in; Head back to Centre Line road and turn left. A few km later, turn left onto Shanick road, and follow this to a hydro line cutting. The river should be visible to the left.