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Indian river **

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  • Grade: 3+
  • Level: Spring flows only; 10 cumecs is about the minimum flow to make it worthwhile
  • Gauge: Online
  • Length: 4 km (including the paddle out on the Mississippi)
  • Time: An hour or so
  • Put In: Ramsay Concession 8 road
  • Take Out: On the left upstream of the bridge at Blakeney
  • Shuttle: 3.5 km
  • Character: Small, continuous spring run with a nice drop halfway

A great short spring run near to the city. This drops quickly, and amazingly for such a small river, has an online gauge. Most of the river is fairly continuous G2-3, with a G3+ drop just above the bridge over county road 29. After about 2 km, the Indian meets the Mississippi, and paddle the remaining couple of km of flat down to Blakeney. Either get out on the left above the bridge, or do a few laps of Blakeney rapids to finish your trip. If the indian is running, Blakeney rapids are probably quite high...

The drop has a house overlooking the river on the right. If you are going to inspect, do so quickly, quietly, and discreetly on the left. It is probably best to avoid doing so on evenings and weekends to avoid antagonising the homeowners. The drop is easiest on the right, and in lower levels there are the remains of an old concrete sluice to avoid on the left.

The main drop on the Indian river
Andy Hill on the Indian

To get to the take out; Take exit 163 off Highway 417, going SW on Panmure road. After going through Panmure, turn left onto Blakeney road/County road 17. Just past Blakeney, cross the river and park on the right - this is the take out.

To get to the put in; Continue driving, and turn left at the second junction, onto Ramsay Concession 8 road. The river is just before the Mill of Kintail conservation area and Naismith museum (celebrating the inventor of basketball!).