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Bonnechere river, Fourth chute **

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  • Grade: 5+
  • Level: Only runnable during the spring melt
  • Gauge: Online
  • Length: 600 m
  • Put In: Upstream of the bridge, or below the dam
  • Take Out: River right just after the gorge ends
  • Shuttle: Walk
  • Character: Park 'n' huck

Some fantastic hard rapids in a square-cut limestone gorge. Inspect and walk up on the right bank. There is a decaying dam after the bridge that has quite a steep drop-off. A few twists and turns later, the main drop comes up, with some powerful boils at the bottom. In low water this drop has a hazardous narrow slot at the base. The image below shows the main drop at a gauge reading of about 65 cumecs.

The main drop on the Fourth chute
The main drop on the Fourth chute

To get there; Take highway 60 through Renfrew, heading West. This takes a right turn in the town of Douglas. Before you exit Douglas, turn left onto Fourth chute road. After 6 km, cross the river and park on the right. On river left is the Bonnechere show-caves, a good option for anyone that isn't paddling. Unless you are claustrophobic.