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Bonnechere river, Eganville section **

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  • Grade: 3+(P)
  • Level: Needs spring flow
  • Gauge: Online
  • Length: 2.6 km
  • Time: Half an hour
  • Put In: Below the dam in the centre of Eganville
  • Take Out: Grist Mill road
  • Shuttle: 2.5 km
  • Character: Springtime fun

This section is a great springtime run, right in town. In high flows there is a big surfwave just downstream of the dam. The interest continues around the next corner with a big rapid on a corner.

After going under the John street bridge, the disused sluice gates at the top of Jessups rapid are seen. Stop and check this out, as there is often some wood in the flow. Portage on the right side if needed.

After the gradient eases, there is one further obstacle near the take out. Another set of abandoned sluice gates are usually runnable through the right channel, but check for yourself on the day. Mill street/Grist Mill road runs along the river left for the entire length of the section.

To get to the take out; From Highway 60 in Eganville, turn onto Mill street and follow this until it turns into Grist Mill road. There are a few houses just before the road turns away from the river.

To get to the put in; Head back to the centre of Eganville, and park next to the Tourist Information centre. Head down the grassy bank to the river.